1.Dale Dale (Electronic / Warm-Up)
2.Boom (Merengue Electronico)
3.Si Tu Me Besas (Salsa)
4.Mi Pololita (Reggaeton)
5.Sexy Bam Bam (Latin Dance)
6.Con To Lo Cacabele (Dembow)
7.Volvi A Nacer (Cumbia / Vallenato)
8.Mi Mulata (Salsa)
9.Kollo Khaled (Belly Dance)
10.Quiero Bailar Contigo (Axe)

1.Dale Dale (Electronic / Warm-Up)=Francesca Maria feat.Jayko,Cisa&Drooid

2.Boom (Merengue Electronico)=??

3.Si Tu Me Besas (Salsa)=Victor Manuelle

4.Mi Pololita (Reggaeton)=Fainal

5.Sexy Bam Bam (Latin Dance)=Soldat&Luis Guisao

6.Con To Lo Cacabele (Dembow)=El Alfa

7.Volvi A Nacer (Cumbia / Vallenato)=Carlos Vives

8.Mi Mulata (Salsa)=Frankie Negron

9.Kollo Khaled (Belly Dance)=Khated Sarsa

10.Quiero Bailar Contigo (Axe)=Ceceu Muniz

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